Thursday, September 04, 2014

Embracing the obvious

Sometimes, what I think of as the easy or obvious solution is actually the best solution. Earlier tonight, I reached a point with a work on paper where I was just shy of a resolution. I took a break, went back to it and still couldn't satisfy myself with the results. Walked away again, came back to it and started tinkering with it more. I needed a decisive mark or series of marks to finish the piece off. The image making techniques that I'd used for the majority of the piece were not going to work for the final layer. I finally stopped avoiding the "obvious" and got on with finishing the piece with the "easy" solution...and it worked.

It was a relief because I'd spent so much time trying to find a way around the obvious solution that I think that I gave myself a dull, throbbing headache in the process.
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