Friday, February 21, 2014

Way back machine-2008

Self portrait in my studio-2008
It’s interesting to look back at images of older work that I may have forgotten about and seeing the precedents for some of the things that I’m doing now. I usually have two, maybe three different on-going projects happening at once. Some get started one year and I’ll pick up on those themes again sometime down the road. Other things get more regular attention, and still more I drop altogether.
It’s all changing all of the time. It isn’t a “there” that I’m after, it would be no point in my making art if there was. Largely, it’s the experience, and trying to make some kind of sense of that experience visually. By experience, I mean the journeys involved in making art, the concurrent concerns of life and the questions raised by all of it.
Life + art=why(?) + what if(?)

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