Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scenes from "Abstraction Today" panel discussion...

Neil Anderson and Nathan Pankratz

My works in the show

Neil and Nathan with Neil's wife, Connie

Rebecca Rutstein in front of "In White"

Neil Anderson's paintings

Nathan Pankratz's "Registration Painting I"

Crowd arriving for the panel discussion


Scenes from Tuesday's "Abstraction Today" panel discussion and reception at Bucknell University's Downtown Gallery in Lewisburg, PA. I was there with Neil Anderson, Nathan Pankratz and Rebecca Rutstein to discuss our work and take questions. 

The event was very well-attended and there were some great questions from the audience. It was also nice to learn some things about my panel mate's work and processes that I had not been aware of previously. Between the panel discussion and car ride there and back, I think I talked more about art with other people than I have in the past year, since my time in the studio is spent talking to myself and at the work in an effort to figure out what the hell is going on with it. It's nice to have real-time confirmation once in a while that I'm really not the only crazy one out there with the same thoughts, hahaha!
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