Saturday, June 15, 2013

Winning “Work of Art,” 1.5 Years Later

Kymia Nawabi doing a studio crit with Simon de Pury
(image courtesy of the artist and Bravo TV)

This is a really interesting and insightful interview with Kymia Nawabi, the winner of season two of "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist". The show had a great premise at heart, but in a world where drunken "housewives" and c-list celebrities are celebrated by the masses, WOA didn't stand a chance. 

In this interview, Nawabi is very candid about what has happened to her over the past year and-a-half since winning the show. As many of us who watched the show may have foreseen, it is not all glitz and glamor, but it did change some things in her life as an artist and best of all, Nawabi is very down to earth about her experiences then and now...

Winning “Work of Art,” 1.5 Years Later

(interview courtesy of Hyperallergic)
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