Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slow Art Day

(photo: Robert Michael/AFP/Getty Images)

Blouin Art Info: Slow Art Day Fights Visual Grazing With a Deep Dive Into Museums by Kyle Chayka

"Slow Art Day" sounds like a good thing to have happen. As the article (link above) points out, many museum/gallery goers only spend about 17 seconds looking at a work of art, as well as try to see everything that they can in one huge gulp.

I can understand the impetus to want to see as much as you can if the museum is in a place that you might not be able to visit again or for a very long time, but, overall, most works barely get any attention at all, even the so-called "iconic" works. Today, people look for a few seconds and then the phone cameras come out, or they are walking around with their phones extended constantly taking videos and photos while not really studying or experiencing the works in front of them at all. Here's to hoping that "Slow Art Day" catches on...
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