Monday, May 21, 2012

Residency works II

Imposition(indeterminate passage), 2012, acrylic on panel, 36" x 36"

Catapult, 2012, acrylic on panel, 24" x 24"

Rend In The Fabric, 2012, acrylic on panel, 16" x 16

My in-studio residency was very instrumental in helping me to explore new avenues of spatial relationships and paint-handling in my work. I wanted to move away from the more deliberate obscuring of brushwork with opaque "screens" in order to bring more dynamic and uneasy types of spatial and color relationships to the works. The combination of hard edges and open-ended brushwork leave a lot of room for other possibilities that I hope to explore more of in the coming months.

The residency was also good in another important way, which was to help me realize the beginnings of a divergent series in which I'm exploring figure-ground/surface-pattern relationships in a whole different way than these paintings do. In those, I'm reaching back to some ideas from my geometric/architectonic paintings of ten years ago and putting them in a very different context and usage. I'll post some of those images tomorrow.


Deborah Grayson Studios said...

Wow.I love these pieces. Especially the first one. I found your site through Kesha Bruce. I am an artist also. Like you I did an "in-house residency" for three months (Jan-March 2012) out of a desire to really develop some areas I have only tentatively explored in my work up until now. Anyway, congratulations on moving forward in your work in this way. Peace, Deborah

Tim McFarlane said...

Hello, Deborah, and thanks for your response and nice comments about my work. Wow, three months! I'd kill to be able to spend that kind of continuous time in the studio. That's great, congratulations!