Sunday, April 29, 2012

3rd street artist residency days 12 and 13, (4.27/28.12)

Collage fodder

Tape "sketch"

Yesterday (Sat. 4.28.12) was the slowest paced day of this entire project. Lots was done, but reflection and puttering replaced some of the kinetic energy of previous days. Part of it was seeing the end of the project nearing and feeling generally tired the whole day. Honestly, I have been pushing myself a lot these past couple of weeks, and for good reason. There is no slacking when you have time like this to live as a full-time artist, even if only for two weeks. Plus, there were so many projects stuck in my head that I wanted to move forward on that there wasn't time to waste.

Even though my residency is winding down, my motivation for making art is stronger than ever. I see  now that I need to make some changes in my job/studio/home schedule to accommodate more consistent time in the studio. The job schedule is set, but it's the time around it that I need to rearrange somewhat.

I'm going to use today for documentation of the works I completed over the past two weeks and will share images here soon. In my next and last post for the residency, I will sum up the experience as best I can and hopefully provide some insight for those who might want to do something similar for themselves.

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Gary J. Noland Jr. said...

Tim, the tape sketch is absolutely wonderful.