Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3rd street artist residency, day 7 (4.22.12)

A rainy Sunday in Old City

You see the grey spatter and drips on the pieces above? That's the result of using one hand to move a large piece of foam core with a piece of paper on it with one hand, a brush in the other and knocking over an open container of paint. I don't know how many "F-bombs" I dropped once I saw the damage, but it was one for the record books. 

Ladies and gentlemen, take heed: always, always, always put recently finished works somewhere out of the way of any working area in your studio. Even if you think, "this will be ok here for a moment", that's when things like my experience will happen. At the very least, cover them with something, just in case and...

...always have a stash of chocolate on hand to deal with the aftermath. 


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