Thursday, April 19, 2012

3rd Street artist residency, day 3 (4.18.12)

Same panels from yesterday being worked on.

The blue painting on on the right in the above photo didn't make it after I'd spent some time on it. The strong pattern combined with the painting I did on top simply did not work at all. The painted areas were clumsy at best and everything was off. Sometimes, you just have to start again. After letting this coat of paint dry, I spent the better part of an hour sanding it down to allow some of what is now under painting to show through. I'm much happier with it now

Large paper piece ready for more work. 

Two new collages I did after putting the paintings aside for the day. 


ThomDuffy64 said...

Tim, thanks for posting your progress pics on recent works. It is exciting to see you constantly try new ideas and the struggle and trials add to their freshness. Keep going! Yours, Thom Duffy

Tim McFarlane said...

You're welcome, Thom! Thanks for your comments and encouragement.