Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3rd Street artist residency, day 2 (4.17.12)

 The shots above show the very beginning stages of three pieces that I worked on today. 

Detail of a small painting that I finished today

Had a greatly productive day.
I had to run some errands before getting to the studio, but once I was settled in, I spent about 8 solid hours working. I generally tend to eat as I'm working, but I did take advantage of the great weather when I took a short break out on the fire escape during the late afternoon.  I was in a much better state of mind because I slept better last night than the night before, so I didn't have to spent most of my time fighting sleepiness and trying so hard to focus on what I was doing. I also didn't think about my job at all. I'm already feeling like I won't want to return to work after this project is over. 

I finished a couple of small paintings that were begun prior to my residency and began work on two large panels and a large work on paper. Having the ability to complete something and to move right into new work is one of the things that I'm enjoying about being able to do this residency in-studio as opposed to having the experience in a different place/space. A couple of people have asked whether I feel like I'm missing out on communing with other artists as I would if I were to attend a residency elsewhere, and honestly, no. At this point in the development of my new work, I just needed to create a space for more time and continuity in the studio. Being able to focus in on what I'm doing in a deeper manner, both in the making of the work and conceptually, is shaping up to be the main benefit of doing this. 

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