Monday, April 30, 2012

3rd street artist residency, day 14 (4.29.12)

List of works from the residency.

...and that's a wrap! I spent all of the final day of my residency documenting works completed during the past two weeks. It took longer than I thought it would and there was more work than I thought, also. I was determined to get the photos done yesterday in order to have it over and done with.

I had a small bit of mixed feelings about the residency coming to an end, but I had prepared myself for that by looking ahead and seeing where I could make some changes around my schedule to accommodate the momentum that I've built up. I'm still mulling over the lessons learned and what the overall effects of this project were so that I can post about it in a coherent way.

I will say that the biggest gain for me was the day-to-day engagement with the work and processes. More than the results of the works themselves, that consistent engagement with my ideas and ways of making work that really fed the fire of creativity for me. That engagement was also pushed by the knowledge that this wasn't an open-ended situation. Even though I had the luxury of not thinking about work, I knew that I was going to have to return to the usual grind and I had to make the most of every second of my time in the studio. Not that I don't usually, but the stakes were higher for those two weeks because I didn't know when I might be able to repeat a similar situation again (although I am hoping to repeat it again next year).

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Pete Hoge said...

I am lucky to have Uncle Sam as my benefactor and I can be creative all day if I wish...I have so many emotional issues with "art" due to abuse that was inflicted on me in art school that I only spend 30 percent of the day on creativity but I am thinking about it as well. You seem to be confident in your artistic life and not bothered by the past but my time in art school was AWFUL and it nearly took the creative spirit away from me.

I wish I could use paint again but anytime I mess around with it I get flashbacks and a whole host of abusers and bullies rise out of my head and tell me I am not allowed to paint....I also have OCD issues with paint, not liking dirty hands at all as I said to you once.

It's funny that I was a dishwasher in kitchens(Essene as well) but that did not bother me because I could constantly wash my hands.

One more thing about having all the time in the world to make "art", you might find yourself getting lazy so perhaps having a full time job and relationship is a good thing because then you use your time very wisely?

I can't imagine working for more than a few hours. My mind gets tired and my mental health condition really kicks in and then I am reminded why Uncle Sam takes care of me in the 1st place.