Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3rd Street artist residency, Day 1 (4.16.12)

Organized...for now

I arrived at the studio at 10:20am and tired at hell. I didn't sleep well nor long enough. Thankfully, the excitement of getting going on this project compensated for the lack of sleep. I did a bit of organizing, including my paint table (above). This is the best that it's going to look because tomorrow the real work begins. Once I felt comfortable with the organizing, I continued work on a couple of pieces that were already in progress.

One of the biggest hurtles that I had today was getting my day job out of my head. I had to remind myself that I didn't have to start winding down as the usual time for leaving the studio to go to work was approaching. By late afternoon, I was firmly in studio mode and happy that I didn't have to wait another two-three days before returning to a work in progress.

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Pete Hoge said...

Alot of creative beings don't get as much time or decent results when they have a day job...you have the knack for balancing both spheres of activity.