Saturday, March 03, 2012

Gorky's Granddaughter


Studio visit with painter Deborah Dancy on Gorky's GranddaughterI just found Gorky's last night, thanks to a link that someone posted on Carol Diehl's art blog. This is just the first video that I watched on the site. I didn't know anything about Dancy nor her work before seeing this, but after watching it, I'm really interested in watching more. There are a ton more videos on the site and they seem to average between 10-25 minutes in length. 

Gorky's Granddaughter is a great studio visit/interview blog that is part of a documentary art project by Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting.



Kesha Bruce: said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this. I'm totally enjoying the videos on the site!

Ms. Dancy's paintings are AMAAAAZING, right?

Tim McFarlane said...

Hi Kesha,

Yes, I'm going to be spending a lot of time catching up with the other videos on "G's G".

I'll second you about Deborah Dancy's paintings. I really like her work a lot and am really glad that I decided to try that link.