Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Digital musings

ecp 120511.1 (digital drawing)
ecp 120111.2 (digital drawing)
ecp 120711.2 (digital drawing)

Three drawings from an on-going series that I am developing paintings from. The titles reflect the file name in Photoshop, the date, and the order in which the drawing was done on that day. 

I'm on my computer a lot when I'm home and, of course, I get flashes of ideas that I want to explore. So, in addition to writing or sketching in my physical journals, from time-to-time I will also tap into available tech to experiment with. My habit has been to use Photoshop mainly for photo-editing. I rarely get the urge to see what else I might want to do with it, preferring to pursue my main painting and drawing explorations in the studio. 

One thing that I forget from time-to-time is that my studio is always with me 24-7 in my mind. Making art is as much a state of mind as it is physical. Like the saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are", so wherever you are, so is your art. When I can't physically be in the studio (working, traveling, sick, whatever...) I'm continually turning creative thoughts over in my head. If I have been working on a painting, you can bet that before my next session in the studio I will have gone through several versions of it in my head. The painting will still turn out differently than anything I might think of, but engaging in that on-going thought process is always rewarding.


Nancy Natale said...

You are so right, Tim. We never get time off - not that we want to probably. What the hell else would we artist-types think about?

Tim McFarlane said...

"What the hell else would we artist-types think about?"

Indeed! At least once a day at work, I'll have to drag myself out of my mental studio while In the midst of a conversation.

Phillip J. Mellen said...

Wonderful works, Tim!

Tim McFarlane said...

Thank you, Phillip! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.