Friday, November 18, 2011

Charline Von Heyl @ ICA Philadelphia

Charline Von Heyl, Igitur, 2008. acrylic on linen, 82" x 74"

I saw the Charline Von Heyl 10-year survey exhibition at ICA-Philadelphia today and had a hard time leaving. I kept wandering back and forth in the exhibition because I couldn't get enough of her work. At once chaotic, serene, and very much about the materiality of paint, Von Heyl's paintings really deserve some extended viewing time. 

Besides the paintings, there is also a large selection of works on paper by Von Heyl that incorporate printmaking, collage, drawing and other techniques. The show is up until February 19, 2012 after which it will travel to ICA-Boston.

More images of Charline Von Heyl's work can be seen here: Charline Von Heyl via Friedrich Petzel Gallery
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