Sunday, June 19, 2011

Studio: 6.03.11

Cousins of a sort.

Summer in the studio. Things are coming along and taking on a life of their own. 



Pete Hoge said...

I think we share an interest
in shapes of flat color which
are suspended in visually
active fields.

If people looked at my drawings
they might think I was stealing
from you.


Our methods are completely
different though because I am
using digital programs and
you are using organic material.

Paul Behnke said...

Lookin' pretty great!

harold hollingsworth said...

Tim, I feel like I'm re-imagining, re-using, re-inventing, and even re-evaluating here in my studio as well, I think great things are brewing in your space, and I hope in mine as well. You re-charge me on a constant basis, this work is getting really exciting, you are onto something here!

Kate Davis Caldwell said...

Tim, these look great! And so nice to see you last weekend in Philly- exciting stuff ahead!

Gary J. Noland Jr. said...

Great shot of your studio. I love the painting on the right.

Gary J. Noland Jr. said...

Great studio shot. I love the painting on the right.