Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bruce Pinchbeck-Morning With: Moe Brooker

A short video by Bruce Pinchbeck featuring Philadelphia-based artist and educator, Moe Brooker. (via Heavy Bubble)


Pete Hoge said...

Heard of him, never saw his

Big surfaces are tricky but
he seems to handle it.

People assume that a large
painting is automatically a
,"good one".

I like small scale abstractions
because it is more of a challenge
to make a powerful image.

I saw your comment to my
comment about, "slightly",
thanks for clearing that up.


Nancy Natale said...

Thanks for posting this, Tim. He's an interesting guy and his work is so dynamic and colorful - reflective of him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the Moe Brooker blog. He has some really good ideas and I admire his steadfastness especially in doing his work and teaching. I follow your blogl and also posted the Tate Shots hit for this week. I just liked watching the painter work. Those Tate Shots videos are really educational. Work well.