Sunday, January 30, 2011

Studio visit: Dolores Poacelli 12.21.10

Dolores Poacelli worked for many years as a graphic designer before turning her attention to being a full-time artist. She often works in series that can have up to 90-something pieces, depending on how obsessed she is with any certain idea. 

Her studio is dead in the heart of the Italian Market, where she says that she's the "last Italian left", and that's only a slight exaggeration since the demographics of the area have moved over the years from primarily Italian immigrant families to a mixture of asian, Mexican and South American immigrants. 

Dolores Poacelli will be showing work at AxD Gallery in a two-person show with Paul Davis Jones. "Resonances and Reflections" runs from May 20-June 18th, 2011. Opening reception: Friday, May 20th, 5-8pm

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Leslie Avon Miller said...

Studio visits are always a treat. Thank you Tim.