Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Studio: 12.01.10

A new, as-of-yet untitled painting in the studio-acrylic on canvas, 66 x 64 inches. I've been moving on with a lot of new things int he studio for a few months now and, thankfully, the momentum has been unabated. If I could afford to sqezze in another day in the studio instead of being at the job, I would in a hearbeat. However, making the most of what time I have now is working. It has to. I've had days where two hours of laser-focused studio activity have enabled me to get way more done than I thought was possible. 

I can't sustain that way of working, as I also need those days where I might have time to stand back and/or sit and contemplate on what's going on and what I might want to do next. Having that inner dialogue time with the work is as important as the time to experiment with materials, do research, day dream, and so on. The real important thing is to be with the work, regardless of how much time you have in the studio. Things don't progress unless you are in there dealing with it, whether that means physically working on something or just being in your work space thinking. I'm writing this from the standpoint of someone who relies on a physical space to make the work, and "dealing with it" can mean just about anything to a lot of people these days. However, from the standpoint of a painter, nothing changes until you're right there, engaging the work directly. 
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