Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Painter's Table

"Painters' Table is a daily digest of web content for people who love painting – artists, curators, collectors, and the casual art lover. Highlighting writing from the painting blogosphere as it is published, Painters' Table serves as a jumping off point for exploring blogs that focus primarily on the subject of painting."

Painter’s Table is a site that I just found that aggregates blogs and blog posts featuring painting as the main subject. A recent post I made here about the current Brice Marden show at Matthew Marks in New York was listed recently on the front page there under “New Posts”.

I haven't gone through a lot of it yet, but from my first glance, there's a lot of content relating to painting and painters, including interviews, videos and blog posts. It's definitely worth a look when you have a moment to get out of the studio.

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