Friday, November 12, 2010

Studio Visit: Mauro Zamora 10.30.10

It took a couple of months for Mauro Zamora  and myself to nail down a day to swap studio visits, all due to our schedules not synching up for a few weeks. Things finally came together on a Saturday at the end of October. Both of us are in transitional phases with our work at the moment, (jumping off of cliffs is probably more like it) so the timing made the feedback between us that much more important, in my view. 

The questioning and doubt that come along with living a creative life is heightened with painters because of our usually solitary work habits. Not only that, but one of my hard-core personality traits is a propensity to be alone. I can go a long time without being social. That alone makes it a good practice to get out of my space every now and then and experience someone else's, along with getting some feedback on my own work. 

Being able see other artist's work spaces has always been a thrill for me. It is always good to see how other people deal with things like storage, how they organize their spaces and to see how they inhabit their work space. One of the best things about doing studio visits is being given the privilege to see work(s) that the outside world may or may not experience. 

Mauro is currently preparing work for a solo exhibition at Rebekah Templeton here in Philadelphia in January, 2011

Show dates: January 13-February 26, 2011
Opening Reception: January 13, 2011, 6-9pm
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