Monday, November 08, 2010

Studio visit: Brenna K. Murphy 10.02.10

On the same day that I visited Tremain Smith's studio, the last artist I had time to visit was Brenna K. Murphy. Brenna's work consists of integrating hair into photographs and other objects like the envelopes in the photos above. 

According to her artist statement, Murphy says, "I am interested in the relationship between the ideal of Home and the body. In our culture we tend to think of our 'hometown' or the house we grew up in when we think of what Home means. Growing up without the presence of these things, I turned to the more personal and immediate to create my sense of Home: nuclear family, relationships with friends, and my own body. The development of my repetitive 'hair ritual' is indicative of how I have come to view my body as a surrogate Home, a way to connect these ideals with something physical and tangible."  

Because of the delicate nature of her work, it's somewhat diffictult to photograph, hence the few shots here. Brenna K. Murphy's work is best seen in person and there are a couple of chances to do so right now:

"Between the Studio and Facebook"Main Line Art Center (746 Panmure Rd. Haverford, PA)
October 15th - November 13th
"Post (nomad),"  is comprised of hair-embroidered images on post-marked envelopes.

"Vestiges"Center for Emerging Visual Artists (1521 Locust St., Lower Level)
October 20th - November 12th
Found photographs into which she has incorporated her hair using a variety of techniques.

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