Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walk With Me

Live version of Neil Young's "Walt With Me"

I've been listening to Neil Young's new album, "Le Noise" at least once every time I've been in the studio over the past week or so. It's just Neil Young, guitar and some nice producing work by Daniel Lanois. It's a really powerful, revealing, sonic blast.

I've liked some of Young's music in the past-mostly what I heard on the radio-and while I have only been a passive fan, at best, the stripped-down force of Young's voice and guitar on "Le Noise" really resonates with me.


Work is coming along pretty well in the studio. I'm having some great adventures with new works on paper. I'm in love with the 38" x 50" Stonehenge paper. It seems to be a perfect size for what I'm doing at the moment. There's also some interesting cross-pollination going on between the paper work and the paintings. I'm moving into hunkering-down mode for the winter in the studio. I hope that this productive ferver lasts for the season.
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