Sunday, October 31, 2010

Studio visit: Tremain Smith 10.02.10

Back at the beginning of October, I had the chance to visit a few artists' studios that were a part of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST). Most years, I don't have the chance because of work, but this year the stars aligned just so and I spent a Saturday afternoon seeing art out in West Philly.

My first stop was the studio of Tremain Smith, out on 59th Street. Tremain is a painter whose primary medium is encaustics. I've known Tremaine for a number of years and this was the first time that I got to see her work space. The great thing about it is that Tremaine's studio occupies an entire two-story house. Every nook and cranny has the touch and residue of a creative life in it.

View more of Tremain's work here: Tremain Smith images

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