Thursday, September 09, 2010


I caught sight of David Foss from outside of the LGTripp Gallery this afternoon. He was touching up one of his pieces in preparation for his solo show, Exits and Entrances. There is an opening reception this Saturday, September 11th from 5-7pm. 

Restlessness seems to be something that figures into my working process quite often. No matter what I'm working on or where I am in the evolution of a series or what-have-you, there's always this point (or several) where a certain restlessness starts pushing forward and working its way outward. This is when I start the questioning and pushing in order to make sure that the work is staying vital and alive to me.

This is going on more more than I probably realize it, but for some reason I had one of those moments today. A moment where I was able to identify something that's ingrained in me and the way I work, one of many somethings that I take for granted because they just are.

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