Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why preserve Van Gogh's palette? – Telegraph Blogs

Why preserve Van Gogh's palette? – Telegraph Blogs

This is a great blog post from Lucy Davies on the site. I hadn't given much thought to the existence and availability of the painting palettes of artists such as Vab Gogh, Delacroix, and Goya. Looking at the photos of the palettes can give you something of an insight into how the artist worked and their approach to color.

Using a traditional palette set-up hasn't been a part of my studio practice for years, but I remember really enjoying lining up my colors from warm to cool on my newly scraped down glass palette at the beginning of a painting session. Once in a while, I might have a couple of piles of left-over paint on it, but usually, I just scraped off what wasn't used and put it in a jar with water. That was when I was working with oils exclusively. I liked having a clean palette to work on and could not deal with having dried paint from previous sessions still there. I didn't care about how messy the palette became, while I was painting but it had to be relatively clean when I started.

I still have those glass palettes, even though I haven't used them in a long time. I also have a couple of traditional wooden palettes as well. I think that they are packed up in the apartment or at the studio.

Lately, I have taken to using disposable palettes when I want to mix small amounts of colors that I don't already have stored in containers. I started doing that while working on 'Lagoon'. The disposable palettes made it easier to deal with movng back and forth across such a large piece.

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