Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Order, order!

I opened the studio door and found that I had a feathered visitor trying desperately to get out. I think it might have come in through a hole in the plastic-covered window in my studio mate's space at the back of the floor. I opened up the remaining good window and left long enough for the bird to find the opening go about it's merry way.

That, folks, is a trash bag full of today's (and last week's) spring-cleaning results. I had a late start in the studio today, not arriving until nearly 2:30 this afternoon, due to not feeling that great. It seems that I have a bit of a cold, from the feeling in my throat. I didn't feel like doing much in the way of actual painting, despite feeling flush with new ideas. However, I was there and thought that I should do something, so I started by dealing with taking the large painting I worked on recently off of the wall and rolled it up. I also finally titled ("Lagoon") and signed it.

The next task I needed to tackle was the corner of paints that had since grown from when this photo was taken early last month.
Organizing this pile became my goal of the day. This included checking the containers and making sure that the paint inside was still usable, tossing anything that had dried up, and putting paints into new containers, as needed. My goal was to get them off of the floor and onto one of the carts I have, however, I had to come of with a way to organize them in a way that made sense to me and was simple. The cart I'm using for the paints has three shelves, so the most efficient way to use the small amount of space was to do this- top: warm colors, middle: cool colors, bottom: whites, blacks and neutrals. Once I dispensed with the stuff that I couldn't or didn't want to use, I had enough space for everything. I'm hoping that I can keep the paint cart fairly ordered, but that's going to be tested once I get going full-tilt on paintings that are coming up.

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