Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studio 4.27.10

A bunch of new and reused panels in the studio. There were quite a few aborted projects from the last year and now I'm using those panels and canvases to start me on the way to some new works.

All the rearranging that I've been doing in the studio has made a big difference. The biggest change was to make sure that new and recent works were in the same area and easy to get to and making separate places for the storage of older works. I thought that I had always made the space work for me but over the past couple of years I have felt that I needed to do "something" to make the space more efficient for me and couldn't figure out what I needed to do. Well, I kind of knew, but always felt overwhelmed at the task of re-imagining the space and how to get there. I'd look at all the stuff I had to move, feel overwhelmed and find a reason to put the task on the back shelf.

I have the habit of trying to do everything at once and usually fail. That little fact doesn't stop me from doing it again, though. I finally put my head into finding solutions instead of letting myself be overwhelmed by the HUGE TASK and worked on it in small increments over a few days. Hmmm, sounds a little like the other thing I like doing there...I think it's called painting, because finding solutions is a lot of what being a painter is.

The result of having moved things around has made a big difference in how I experience the studio now. I mean, walking in today, I felt like I had just moved in recently, despite having been there for almost 8 years. I've freed up a lot of mental space that's going into producing a new body of work and that has made it all the shuffling things around worth it.
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