Sunday, April 18, 2010

In progress, pt. V

This is it for this painting. It's as resolved as it's going to be and I need to move on to other things. I've gone through highs, lows and a near meltdown with it near the end, but things seem to have worked out ok.

While it has been interesting documenting the development of this piece with each major change, the limitations of photography as a means of reproducing images of artwork became even more clear to me than in the past. Each time I looked through the camera's viewfinder or screen and back to the painting, I saw different works. Part of that might be the limits of my camera and lighting in the studio, as well as the camera's interpretation of certain colors. Some of the variations in color are nearly indistinguishable in the photograph, but in person they are much more easily detected.

I had as close to a perfect studio day yesterday as I could have. Besides, completing this painting, I was also able to begin work on some ideas that have been brewing for some time. As I told someone recently, by the time I've nearly finished on piece or body of work, my brain has already been working on other ideas. Whatever I'm working on is already in the past.

Update: This painting is now titled, Lagoon
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