Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In progress, pt. III

I had one of those, "Why haven't I done this before now?" moments today. In the photo above, a big table is missing. It would have been on the right side of the photo, perpendicular to the painting wall. I dismantled it today in an effort to make my space a bit more practical for the current project. The table, while useful, isn't always used and thus becomes one more surface for things to accumulate on. Taking the table apart was a breeze since it's just a large door blank that sits atop two pairs of leg stands. There are two good things about having done this a) I now get an unobstructed view of the painting if I happen to be sitting on the couch and b) I opened up the area and gave myself some breathing room.

The physical and psychological difference created by taking the table away made this session a lot easier to deal with. Doing this brought up something that I struggle with a lot: adapting to changes in order to make my time in the studio more efficient and just simply easier. I often just keep working and don't think too much about how even a slight change to the studio environment might make things a bit better somehow. I've been feeling the need for a change and wasn't sure how to act on it until today when I walked into the studio and saw that I really needed to get that table out of the way, for now, at least. What I hadn't considered previously is that I can always set it up again within a couple of minutes. I had to get out of my head thinking that it was going to be a chore and get on with switching from having a perceived problem to finding a solution.

Here's a couple of shots of today's progress:

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