Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up a bit

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post and that's ok. I haven't been having a great relationship with words lately, so it's probably been for the best. Anyway, things are going on and this is some of what's been happening: Way back on February 19th, I visited Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA) to give a talk in conjunction with Concurrent. The day went really well, even with me under the fog of not having enough sleep the night before and being nervous about the talk.

I arrived around noon, met with Cinhad lunch with Dan Mills, one of the organizing curators of Concurrent and graduate assistant, Sarah McFalls, who hung the show and one of the students I did a studio visit with while there. The other visit I had was with Jason Sorensen, pictured below with some of his work. I also got to meet Craig Hill, who teaches painting at Bucknell.

After the studio visits, I had the chance to examine some works in Bucknell's art collection in the Collection Study Room. It was amazing to be able to look at an original Goya print with no glass, crowds, nor guards. I had about 10 minutes to collect my thoughts before giving the lecture. Despite being somewhat tired and slightly nervous, the talk went well. I'm my own worse critic when it comes to public speaking since I'm relatively new at it, but I've since heard that some of the students present at the lecture have begun looking to abstraction as a viable creative option. I guess I did better than I thought. My thanks to Cindy, Dan, Sarah, and everyone at Bucknell who made my visit a great one. A special thanks to Jim, the driver who got me back to Philly after I missed my train in Harrisburg.

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