Sunday, November 22, 2009

music in my eyes and ears

When I turned on my computer this morning and started browsing through some posts on Tumblr, I found one where someone had posted this video of a Led Zeppelin concert from 1972. 'Immigrant Song' is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs and this was just what I needed to hear. Sometimes, a quiet Sunday morning isn't necessarily what one needs.

Speaking of finding of the things I love about the 'net is the sheer amount of stuff I can find, especially music. I have a profile over on MySpace that I don't use much, but every so often, there's a 'friend request' from random bands, musicians, and other people trying to get their sounds heard. Almost two weeks ago, I checked in and there were a couple of requests, one of which was from '7b Mixes'.

I usually delete most music requests, but I decided to give a listen to the tracks he had on his profile and was hooked! I'm a big fan of good deep house and listen to a lot of it in the studio. The 7b Mixes are excellent. Here's three of them below. Most are over an hour long, so if you're into house or are just curious, you might like to download them or visit the 7b Mixes podcast page.

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