Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up all night

Detail from a recent work on paper.

Had one of those 'brain won't shut off so don't even think about trying to sleep' episodes after climbing into bed last night. The only remedy was to get up and write as much of that stuff down as I could. All of it was art-related and the pages of my art journal from this session were filled with random notes about projects and other things I couldn't stop thinking about for some reason.

From 1:45am until about 3:15am, I filled 7 pages with ideas for projects that I'm already pursuing or might pursue in the near future with painting, mixed media, works on paper, photography, printmaking as well as a major reorganization of the works in my studio. Getting it all written down was a good thing. Now, all I have to do is dust off my alchemy skills to make more hours in the day in order to get these things done...

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