Thursday, July 09, 2009


Two photos of my main drawing/painting wall. The first one, taken in May, 2007 (black and white), shows the wall not long after I had repainted it (for an open studio event). After that, I decided to not bother repainting the walls and opted for letting whatever wayward marks to remain as part of the space, as in the second shot from February, 2009.

The drips and spatters are like markers in time. Looking at some of the outlines of previous works, I can sometimes recall exactly which piece I painted, if not when. On the other hand, there are outlines marked off that only represent part of the story, an intermediate point in the process where I may have been working on something only to either abandon it or move to finishing the piece on the floor or a table.

Whatever the case may be, the paint on the walls and floor serve as inspiration for me to keep going, regardless of whatever else is happening outside the studio.

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