Friday, June 12, 2009


Studio view (6.10.09)

Recent paintings on the left wall, new works on paper on the right. The new series of works on paper is called Glitch and is focused on accumulation, movement, and chance happenings. Those 'chance happenings' being random drips and other interesting marks developing due to overlapping brushstrokes and the interaction of wet and dry layers of ink. Each piece is ink on paper, 30 x 20 inches.



Glitch (detail)

I took these photos on Wednesday, after spending most of the afternoon hanging out with Tyrus Townsend, an art friend and freelance writer I'd only known previously on the 'net. He has an art blog called, I Heart Art. Tyrus was in Philly gathering information for an article he was writing. In addition, he did a short interview with me that may be published somewhere online, but I'm not sure yet. We walked through center city and wound up hanging out in my studio for a couple of hours talking about various aspects of the art world and so forth.

When Tyrus left, I stayed and worked on a couple of the pieces that make up Glitch. I worked on two of them earlier in the week, then did a third during this session. Three of them together was good, but I thought five would make a good number for the beginning of this project and did a couple more. The ideas in Glitch from a painting that was included in my last show called,Gravity's Architecture, seen below:

Gravity's Architecture, 2009, acrylic on panel, 16 x 16 inches

There was something about the illusion of structures created from the thinly painted, overlapping bars of color, and the force of gravity on the dripping paint, that made me want to explore this direction a little more.

I'm envisioning Glitch as an ongoing series on paper and possibly translucent mylar and exhibiting them in groups of five or six or more, depending on how things develop. I don't know if I'll explore this idea on canvas yet, as I have a bunch of other works that I want to do as paintings, so this will be a works on paper project only, for now.
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