Friday, May 22, 2009


Gordon Moore

One of the artists whose work I really enjoyed seeing during a quick round of art in Chelsea.Untitled, 2007, Latex, ink, pumice on canvas, 90” x 66”
More of his work can be seen on Artnet.

(photo via Douglas

I also got over to the Painting Center to see Douglas Witmer's show, Field + Stream. The space was small, but the work looked good in it. For me, the color bars floating in a sea of grey washes lent the work something of a sense of place, or a glimpse of memories of some place or time. The tension of color edge to painting edge along with the bold colors sitting in seas of beautiful greys gave these pieces a kind of energy that you might not notice unless you spent some time looking. Also, Witmer allowed the gesso to roam free of brushwork and just flow down the surfaces in some of the pieces. Some of the resulting uncolored edges seemed to disappear and gave some of the works an added illusion of floating, depending on the angle at which the works were viewed.
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