Monday, March 09, 2009

Seen last week

I stopped by SAGE Projects shortly after it opened on Wednesday to see what happened when a group of artist friends took over a former retail space on South Street.


SAGE members Vincent Romaniello (left) and David Foss (right).

Altar by David Foss

David Foss, Ikea Cow Paisley, 2009, insulation foam, photos, acrylic

Installation by Jon Manteau

1st floor view with works by David Foss and Henry Bermudez.

Second floor view with works by Paul Behnke and Vincent Romaniello

Excavation Tent by Vincent Romaniello

I also managed to get to Fleisher Art Memorial to catch the latest Fleisher Challenge show. I only got shots of one of the artists exhibited, Mark Khaisman who uses common packing tape to make his images. More about Khaisman at Mark Khaisman

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