Sunday, February 08, 2009


Yesterday, I was feeling a bit panicky about the amount of work that I had ready for the show coming up in April, but I'm a bit farther along than I thought. All it took to ease my mind was a good look at what I had completed already. So far, so good. I still want and need to get a few more pieces done over the next month and-a-half, but I think I'm on a good time line now. Now, I have to get into mild adjustments, attaching hanging hardware, signing the pieces and wrapping them so the chances of wandering paint spatters from things I'm still working don't find their way to completed surfaces. One of my least favorite tasks is having to deal with unwanted surprises and repainting a piece with a show coming up.

All the work for the airport show is done. I still have to go through and select what I consider the best of the lot and that's that. Those works have had a profound effect on the direction that I'm taking some of the paintings and other works I'm preparing for my solo show. 


"...we create problems to push the work forward..." In conversation with painter, Keith Crowley last night.

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