Saturday, January 17, 2009

playing hooky

Warm Tips

Keeping my hands warm at the studio on Thursday with a good, hot cup of tea.  

Today, I took a 'cold day' and stayed home. It's the same as a 'personal day' except it's because you don't want to deal with a cold studio. I had every intention of going up there; thought about what I wanted to get done, got up early, got dressed, had breakfast and so on. Sat down at the computer, saw how cold it was outside and thought, "You know, I could put up those bathroom shelves that have been sitting around for almost three weeks...". You know it must have been bad for me to not go out because I'm pretty hard-core about dealing with the cold weather on my bike and the cold in my studio.

Stayed home, drank lots of tea, tried to catch up on a million and one things online and finally got to the shelves late in the day. I'd done a good bit of work in the studio over the past two days, so it wasn't a loss. That, and E was happy to have the shelves up.

A couple of things stood out for me on the web today:

As you most likely know by now, Andrew Wyeth died. Here's the NYT obit by Michael Kimmelman. Wyeth was one of those artists whose works you either liked or didn't-there seemed to be no light between those walls. 

Does anyone have an extra grand to spare? 'Cause that's what it costs to purchase the new Taschen monograph about Christopher Wool. I like Wool's work but, seriously, a $1,000.00? You don't suppose Taschen will be willing to barter for an original painting from a relatively unknown painter from Philadelphia, do you? Nah, me neither. That's ok.  I'll just practice patience. When I get my hands on that kind of money (once some art buyers' wallets start opening again), that thousand dollars will buy me a lot of art supplies. Art supplies will always win out over an over-priced coffee table book any day. Besides, it won't take long for some copies of the book to appear at The Strand or on Amazon. I give it a year or so. 

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