Monday, December 29, 2008

the studio in two views

There's no such thing as going into the studio for "just a minute" with me.

I went up to the studio after getting off from work Saturday to pick up my drill. I needed it to work on a couple of apartment projects. My plan was to pop into the studio , grab the drill and go home. With this weekend having been the first one after the holiday, I was feeling in need of doing something creative, even if it only meant a small drawing or something.

I get there, change clothes and get to working on a couple of things. I'm working along and in my own world and before I knew it, almost three hours had passed. I called Eva to let her know that I was coming home. I cleaned up and left...without the drill. My excitement about what I was working on completely trumped my original objective...
Over on Pam Farrell's blog, I've been included in the latest installment of her Interactive Studio Blog Posts, a project she began in November with this post. The idea is for artists to give a peek into their work spaces by sending in two photos: one showing the studio space and another with an image of artwork.

The project grew out of a studio visit Farrell had with Joanne Mattera and Janet Filomeno, of which she wrote, "In addition to seeing my work, my friends were seeing my mess, my jumbled process, my id, the stuff that gets kicked around before being perfected (or at least completed). Presentation-ready or not, meant for public consumption or not, it’s all me."

So, the ISBP is Farrell's challenge to other artists to give a glimpse into their heads, so to speak, through showing their spaces and work, ready or not.

I like the idea of this project because it makes you think about how you view your work space as a part of your identity as an artist and person, in general, as there's little separation of the two; the studio is just another conduit for aspects of our personalities to assert themselves.

When it comes to my space, I don't worry that much about cleaning up too much. I might pull out some things and hang them on the wall for better viewing and sweep, but that's about it. The paints stay out where they are usually and whatever else is out stays out. The biggest concession I'll really make is if I'm working on some new work that I'm really not sure about showing.

It depends on who is coming for the studio visit. If it's a client who is looking at particular works, then that's what I'll have out; anything experimental and considered 'not ready for prime time' is put away. If it's an artist who is visiting, then I'm more likely to have a variety of works out, to get some feedback on.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ph 121808, 2008, acrylic on paper, 22" x 30"

Monday, December 22, 2008

how did that happen?

Ph 121808(detail), 2008, acrylic on paper, 22" x 30"

You know that high dive we all take from time to time off the cliff of creative inspiration? You take a leap of faith with whatever it is you're doing and don't look down (or back, for that matter). You don't know where you'll land, but you're enjoying the view. You're working and realize upon reflection that at some point, you took that leap and now find yourself lost in a whole new world of your making.

Sometimes, there's no warning. You look around and suddenly realize that you're in unfamiliar territory, but things feel ok, there's no threat and you continue on, enjoying your journey for however long that leg lasts. Looking back on the past couple of weeks, that's where I've been; slightly different place and not quite sure when I took that first step.

Subconsciously, I think I knew I'd chosen something different, but the ease with which I found myself there was surprising somehow. No angels singing, no bands struck up, just a "Huh, well, that's interesting..." and you just keep going. At some point, the questions start creeping in, but for the moment, you just go with it.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Just chugging away

Some works on paper in progress. A couple might be done, but others will go through some changes.

Also, this Friday, December 12th, the opening reception will be taking place for the Gallery Artist Group Show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery. I have three new paintings in the show along with new and never-before-seen works by Neil Anderson, Allen Bentley, Mark Brosseau, Charles Burwell, Kate Davis Caldwell, Deirdre Murphy, Paul Oberst, Rebecca Rutstein and Clint Takeda.

Here's the info:

Gallery Artist Group Show

December 2-December 20, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, December 12, 2009

Bridgette Mayer Gallery
709 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106