Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycling, part 5

Stage 10: Working some yellow into the mix to lighten things up again.

Stage 11: Added some deep reds. The blue on both sides of the middle mass needed to go. After a couple of mis-fires, the warm gray I wound up keeping felt right.

Stage 12: Only small changes along the edges were made here and that's it. For better or worse, this painting is finished. I've reached a point where doing anything more would bring diminishing returns. I'll let it sit for a bit, but I don't anticipate doing anything else to it.

During the course of working on this painting, there were things that I thought I'd try, but there's a point where a painting guides you on where it wants to go and I usually choose to follow that path to either completion of the piece or I give up in frustration and move on. Thankfully, this now feels complete.
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