Monday, October 13, 2008

P.O.S.T wrap up

The open studio event went off without a hitch this weekend. This was the best event I've had in terms of visitor count since 2003, the first year I participated in P.O.S.T. Over the two days, 77 people showed up, and about 90% of those were not friends or acquaintances. I'm sure the great weather helped as did the increased visibility of P.O.S.T. in the media, most notably in the Philadelphia City Paper and through related exhibitions and events.

I met quite a few people and had some good conversations along the way. Of course, this being Philly, I wound up meeting a couple of people officially for the first time after years of seeing them around at art openings and on the street, nodding in acknowledgment but never actually knowing their names.

The only downside was that I was fighting off a cold during the entire two days. That was due mainly to the build up of stress beforehand. I didn't pick up my promotional materials until almost a week before and barely managed to get an email announcement out on Thursday. Thankfully, the cold never really caught on and I'm feeling a lot better after collapsing into bed last night.

Now, back to work...
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