Monday, August 11, 2008

tricky times

Pool Den
Upstairs at Tatooed Mom's, South Street, Philadelphia

My posts have been few lately, but in addition to studio work and the job, I now have to find another place to live in the next couple of months and hopefully not have that impact on my keeping my present studio space.

The tanking (tanked?) economy hit home last week when I found out on Wednesday from my house mate that he has to move out of his photography gallery space he's been leasing due to an increase in rent. That means that the space in the house my wife and I share will no longer be available to us. I have some leads on other options and it might be a blessing in disguise, but in the meantime, this is also a major headache with funds and finding a half-way decent place that we can afford.

I wasn't prepared for this move yet, but when are we ever really prepared for most of the curve balls life sends our way? The good in all of this has been the quick and positive responses from friends and acquaintances. There are a few options that weren't there a few days ago and for that, I'm really grateful.
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