Thursday, July 31, 2008

the best laid plans

just beyond
Just Beyond
©Tim McFarlane

I had plenty of plans for the day in the studio and got almost nothing done that I wanted. I was going to finish up some small works in progress and straighten up for a studio visit from Bridgette and one of her clients tomorrow.
The problem was this summer cold that has gotten hold of me. The thing about colds is that they don't care about what you need to get done. They are just there. I spent more time going through sneezing fits and tissues than anything else.

The day wasn't a total waste. I managed to seal the surfaces of a couple of large wood panels I want to paint on soon. That counts for something, at least. I did the best I could to keep from being frustrated at not painting, but it was probably for the better that I didn't force it. Now, that would be a waste.

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Anonymous said...

boy, howdy, can i relate to this post! don't we ALL have days, just like the one you so eloquently describe?? i'm so glad that i'm not alone in this happening. and then, magically, there are those days that you can't believe how much you ARE accomplishing!! here's to more of THOSE days!! (o;