Thursday, July 10, 2008

Playing field

A few shots I took a couple of Sundays ago at the Municipal Services Plaza, a.k.a, Thomas Paine Plaza, across from City Hall. I found out that the piece is actually called Your Move and is by Daniel Martinez, Renee Petropoulis and Roger White.

While looking around the net for information about the works in the plaza, I came across an essay by James Dickinson titled, A Modest Proposal detailing Dickinson's idea of moving Richard Serra's Tilted Arc to the plaza. A moot point, really, since Tilted Arc is destroyed. However, It would be great to have a world-class piece occupying the plaza, instead of the one-note oversized game pieces that reside there now. Once you walk through, around, and over the pieces, there's nothing else interesting about it. The novelty wears off fast.

Judging from the marks on a lot of the game pieces, skateboarders and groups of kids on BMX-style bikes, like the group that was there when I was taking photos, make the most use of a still underutilized space.

I've been in the studio here and there so far this summer, generally taking my time about getting new things done. The works on paper and small panels that I've been pursuing have been very gratifying, but canvas is calling me again so I'll have to get a canvas-stretching schedule going again soon.


You might have noticed from looking through this blog that my camera is practically glued to my hand. The weather has been warm and I've been forced to get up earlier some mornings because of our rambunctious cat, who loves to run amok through the apartment around 5-6am. Not every morning, but enough that for a while, he could have been my natural alarm clock.

The good thing to come out of this is that I've taken to going out early some mornings with my tripod for a photo walk through the city. I don't usually go out specifically to shoot, I just keep my camera handy and catch what I can. After the past couple of morning walks, I'm hooked on being out when there are few people around getting shots in center city and my own neighborhood that I might not get otherwise.

I'll probably share more photos here in upcoming posts.
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