Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anne Seidman @ Schmidt/Dean

Anne Seidman at Schmidt/Dean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
May 2-June 7, 2008

Made it to the opening of Anne Seidman's show, Touching, last Friday night at Schmidt/Dean Gallery in spite of the cool, rainy weather. I've always admired Anne's work for it's boldness of color, confident compositions and taut energy, all of which are in evidence here. The complex subtleties of even her least complex images (upon first viewing them) really warrant some investment of time to really appreciate what Seidman accomplishes.

Her newer paintings, such as the untitled piece above (top, right), bring a new kind of tension and potential to Seidman's works. The jagged, sharp-edged, multi-colored form unfolding along the edges of the painting appears to be in a continual state of change, poking and testing the edges of it's surroundings and establishing it's place (limits?). The energy and tension in this painting and others by Seidman belie their size and draw me in every time.

At the opening, I ran into painter and art blogger, Steven Alexander. We talked for a bit about Anne's work and he has posted a great review of Anne's show on his studio journal.
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