Thursday, April 10, 2008

wall rubbing

Surface Patterns, 2008, graphite on paper, 30" x 40"

I was in the mood for some 'direct' art interaction, so out came the graphite sticks and a big piece of paper tacked to the wall.

This is one of those 'happy accidents' that happen once in a while. It was going to look a lot different had I followed my original idea. The alternating darker stripes would have been partially covered by some looping 'netting' forms in paint or ink.

However, once I started rubbing the graphite onto the paper, I noticed how the imperfections of the wall, mainly paint spatters and lumps, created the surface texture you see here. So, instead of just filling in the alternate vertical stripes, I covered the entire paper.

Stepping back, I noticed the slight appearance of wrinkled fabric the drawing was taking on and wound up doing several smaller pieces similar to this, only without the patterns. Don't know what might happen with them, but we'll see.
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