Wednesday, January 23, 2008

moving forward

22/366: new resident

Not art-related, but big news, anyway.

Yesterday, my wife, Eva, became a resident of the U.S.

Yesterday morning we went to our interview at the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) office. It had to be the most intense 40 minutes we've ever had together. Intense as in scary; our future in the near term was in the hands of this one person. If there was one thing he didn't like or thought was questionable about the validity of our relationship and marriage, she might have had to leave for a time. Luckily, our paperwork was in order and our answers to his questions consistent.

When the words, "As of today, you are a resident of the United States" came out of his mouth, referring to Eva, a weight the size of the Titanic was lifted from our shoulders. We walked away hysterically numb but elated.


redredday said...

yay! lovely picture of the two of you. you two look so together, how could they not say yes?? :).

Kesha Bruce said...

As a recent immigrant, I know first hand the agony that goes into simply becoming a legal resident. Congrats to you both for surviving the process!

People really should hold parties or showers for events like this, no?

Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks, redredday and kesha :)

We'll definitely celebrate soon. It'll be something low-key for now. It's certainly worth having a party for :D

pam farrell said...


Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks Pam!

Joanne Mattera said...

Congratulations, you two!

"Hysterically numb"--that's got to be THE best description of exuberance in a too-good-to-be-true stupor that I have ever read.

Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks a lot, Joanne! I still feel the stupor when I think about that moment. It's not been that long, but it's a very singular feeling.