Thursday, January 03, 2008

Moleskine project online

For this past Christmas, E and I decided to go hand-made with our gifts. We bought a bunch of small Moleskine notebooks and decortated them. We each did about sevem and collaborated on two. We used various papers like Japanese origami, decorative stationary paper, and magazine cut-outs. We also wrote and painted some of the covers and did the insides, as well. The last step was to cover the books in a sticky, transparent plastic to protect them. E wrapped them all, as can be seen in the second shot: plain wrapping paper, thin hemp rope, and small bells that were originally from a bell wreath that we purchased at Target for about $2.99. We just cut them apart and had instant gift-wrap accesories.

We didn't finish them in time to give away at Christmas, but did so at a friend's New Year's party this week. They were very well-recieved and I'm sure we'll do it again this year. I'm hoping that we can get started on them earlier so we can have more to give out and possibly make them a little more elaborate inside. We did a few with collages on the inside covers and I spent some time decorating a couple with images on the edges of interior pages.

Last night, I encouraged E to post the photos above on the Moleskinerie group on Flickr. Almost as soon as she did, one of the groups administrators invited her to post about the project on and it was up this morning. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

these are so pretty!! love the simple hemp and bells wrapping, and then to find all that colorfulness inside when you open it. lucky recipients.

Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks! They were a lot of fun to work on.