Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ernie Sandidge @ JOG

Stopped by the James Oliver Gallery last Friday to meet up with a friend checked out Wings and Tails, an exhibit of "fairy paintings and sculptures" of New York based artist, Ernie Sandidge. Wings and Tails features a series of strong figurative paintings and sculptures in various poses with mermaid costumes and fairy wings. Sandidge carries on the tradition of Cezanne-like paint handling without his work seeming quaint or clichéd. The works are juicy, vibrant and very contemporary in feeling.

There's only three days left to see the show and it's well worth the walk up to the fourth floor of 723 Chestnut Street, where James Oliver Gallery is located.

Wings and Tails
Fairy paintings and sculptures of Ernie Sandidge
through November 10th, 2007

James Oliver Gallery
723 Chestnut Street
4th floor
Philadelphia, Pa 19106

Gallery hours
Wed.-Fri, 5-8pm
Sat. 1-8pm or by appointment
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